Inner Forest – MDW16

Fuori Salone – Milano Design Week 2016
Inner Forest. An interpretation of a meeting room
Martina Gamboni Agency – Milan

For the 2016 Fuori Salone, Gupica, Gunilla Zamboni’s creative signature, presents Inner Forest, a site specific installation set up at the Martina Gamboni agency.

The nature we usually find outside comes to life in a meeting room. Inner Forest symbolizes the potential forest of ideas and creativity we all have inside of us. The meeting room is transformed into the undergrowth where communication and ideas come to life, grow and branch out to a dense network of relations, collaboration and empathy.

Inner Forest is a nature-inspired installation made of design products designed or selected by Gupica. The setting consists of an installation of coverings that interacts with the furniture and objects.

Wallpaper: Ancient Forest, designed by Gupica for Wall&Decò.
Desks: Old School Desk, designed by Gupica for the Inner Forest installation.
Carpet: Live-in Royal by Besana.
Lamp: Cornici collection by Cini&Nils.
Vases: Petit Vases, designed by David G. Aquini for Apuana Corporate.
Mirror: Little Universe, designed by Enrico Maria Pastorello.