Domestic Nature – Operae 2017

(Operae, Indipendent Design Fair – Lingotto, Torino)

Domestic Nature. A design metamorphosis
A place where unusual metamorphoses occur for a domestic space

Domestic Nature is a design installation bringing to life a Locus Amoenus, an ideal space where man and nature can live in perfect harmony.

The project aims to express a correlation between decoration and design. The research on the beneficial effect of a natural space focuses on the dichotomy between natural/artificial as a constant/variant in the rapport between man and nature. In this situation, the adjective “domestic” represents two meanings: an element belonging to the home, and the man’s intervention on nature with the scope of transforming and adapt it, Ars Topiaria. The scenery of a picturesque two dimensional landscape, portrayed from distant perspectives, contrasts with a three-dimensional anthropogenic nature, made up of trees which are undergoing a functional metamorphosis, transforming themselves into home furnishings.

In this Landscape Habitat the shapes gradually become simpler, outlining into functional objects and projecting themselves as parts of an ideal home setting. The Stanza Paese (nature fresco room) becomes a kind of laboratory for a possible idyllic place, where the indoor and outdoor mix and blend.

In collaboration with: Wall&Decò and Besana Moquette.