Imaginary Paradise

A sketch series to escape into nature


During this period of lockdown, for many of us Nature has been out of reach. In this moment creativity becomes an essential element to let our imagination run wild and nurture our dream of freedom.

For this reason Gupica decided to create Imaginary Paradise – a sketch series about ideal places, inspiring images and journeys, where the white space of the page is suddenly invaded by nature brought to life by the designer’s pencil. The details of these drawings are curated so that the eye can focus on getting lost observing distant forms and perspectives, projecting the observer beyond the walls of his/her home.

With this series Gupica invites you to join her in supporting the researchers work on a Coronavirus vaccine by making a donation of $25 or more to the World Health Organization (WHO). If you email the receipt of your donation to, the designer will send you a printable high resolution file of one of the Imaginary Paradise drawings.