Lucente lamp

Designed by Gupica x Visionnaire – 2023


Lucente is the new design lighting project by Gupica for Visionnaire.

The designer is collaborating once again with the brand – a polestar for the Italian interior design sector – with a collection inspired by the way light splits and reflects on the faceted surfaces of precious stones, creating mesmerising luminous effects.

The light-diffusing bodies of the lamps, which look like coloured gemstones in sophisticated yet simple shapes, are made of a secondary raw material obtained via the recycling of PMMA – commonly known as Plexiglass – reborn with a completely new appearance.

The opaqued LED light source, passing through the stones, produces a diffused light that brings out transparency and colours, and a unique graduated appearance – a beam of light that radiates in the room in a dynamic chromatic spectrum.