Oriental Scenaries – BDW16

(Interior scenic design curated by Gupica – Bologna Design Week 2016)

Establishing an analogy with the traditional Japanese aesthetic standard and spatial conception, open planned, the set comes to life through geometric screen panels interlocking, covered by Big Bang, the wallpaper designed by Gupica for the new Wet System™ collection by Wall&decò.
The design is inspired by the oriental floral iconography depicting colorful flowers and reinterprets the pictorial composition in an abstract style: the result is a floral explosion, the blossoming of life that ideally recalls the first moments of creation.

At the center of the room there is Wunjo, a leather and velvet armchair, and Kenaz, a small precious table in natural agate from the Nature’s Jewel Box collection, designed by Steve Leung for Visionnaire. The screen panels encircle the space where the products are displayed, creating a distraction for the visitor who is in a “room within a room” where you can go in, sit down, relax and observe the installation and experience it firsthand.

In the “Piccola Alcova” on display there are the borosilicate blown glass vases designed by Gupica. Bocciolo which represents the blossom of a flower and Gorgiera is inspired by the classic tailored collar that was part of aristocratic clothing of the seventeenth century. Both vases enhance the beauty of the flower stem and intensify the slender silhouette of the stalk.

In the “Piccola Alcova” the visitor can also find the ancient Japanese tradition of Tanabata, the famous decorative folk festival during which wishes are written on sheets of colored paper (Tanzaku) and tied to plants of bamboo. The Wall&decò wallpapers become a base for people’s wishes, visitors can write small messages directly on the sheets of paper and decide to keep them or tie them to a piece of bamboo.

A tour where the visitors can communicate with the products, live the installation and interact with its elements.

In collaboration with:
Wall&decò, contemporary wallpaper
Vissionaire, home philosophy

Thanks to:
Frassinagodiciotto, insideout